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For Three Word Wednesday, the words are crisis, gripe, and stall. This poem is a terza rima, and it's in memory of my brother-in-law, Billy, who passed away unexpectedly just over a year ago.

The sundown saw the dark of distant rain.
The hand of crisis gripping at our hearts
And shaking us before the phone even rang.

The fear that strikes our ears like abstract art
Devoid of meaning - dripping muddled paint.
Dark clouds heavy with the storm about to start.

Surroundings fade as we try to acquaint
Our hearts and minds with Death and Tragedy,
Unwelcome guests that we’re forced to embrace.

Our daily gripes are only vanity.
We mourn as moments stall into still life.
Without knowing why, we say goodbye, Billy.

In our loving memory, may you always remain;
As the sun sets - on the distant dark of rain.


May 17, 2011 10:43 PM Posted by April 2 comments
This is what a strung together for last week's Three Word Wednesday. The words are brandish, forbid, and manage.

I make a statement punctuated
with forbidden tears
As you brandish your
laughter and mockery

I stare at your back
Your shield
Your voice trailing off
As you walk away

I ask you to stay
Maybe manage to sit next to me
So we can whisper instead of shout

You pull out
your weapon of mass destruction


May 7, 2011 10:15 AM Posted by April 3 comments
Your kiss presses my lips,
limp, cold, and stillborn.
Where did the fire go?
Dire smoke billows;
Acrid tears dwindle the fire
Into smoldering coals.
We poke at them -
And spread the ashes.

* I was inspired to write this after reading this poem by Mamta.

Forget Me Not

Mar 4, 2011 11:39 PM Posted by April 3 comments

A heart-worn path, sharp turns at every mention
Of his name - to reach out in the darkness –
Searching for her center of attention,
Roving daydreams - anything but aimless.

Exasperated fingers only fidget,
To pluck at strings a million miles away.
A song grows strong within the womb of spirit,
To open up and birth a brand new day.

Affinity sets in, a second skin
Awakens – windy synonyms of him -
Warm waves of whispered paradise roll in;
To soak and soothe a weary phantom limb.

In spring, Forgot-me-nots play hide-and-seek
Rejoicing end of winter, cold and bleak.

Posted for Three Word Wednesday, the words this week are: mention, affinity, and fidget.

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